World News | Sudan Police Say 10 Killed in Collision Between 2 Buses

World News | Sudan Police Say 10 Killed in Collision Between 2 Buses

Cairo, Feb 16 (AP) A collision between two passenger buses killed 10 people Wednesday in central Sudan, police said.

The crash took place in the town of Bara in the North Kordofan Province on a highway linking the capital of Khartoum with the Darfur region, police said in a statement.

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It said at least 30 others were injured, some of them critically. It said one of the buses overturned and blamed excessive speeding for the accident.

Images circulating online showed the two buses crumpled and one of them overturned by the roadside. Passengers and their luggage were scattered around them.

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Traffic accidents are common in Sudan, often the result of badly maintained roads and poor enforcement of traffic laws. Automobile accidents killed around 11,500 people in Sudan in 2019, the latest data available, according to the World Bank.

In May 2020, a fiery head-on collision between a truck packed with passengers and a tractor-trailer killed 57 people and left more than 20 injured on a highway in Darfur. (AP)

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