Acosta: 'Fox News Has Been Busted On Their Bullsh*t'

Acosta: 'Fox News Has Been Busted On Their Bullsh*t'

Jim Acosta came to a pretty plain conclusion about what Mark Meadows’ text messages revealed about Fox “News” hosts: that they were “full of shit.” The texts between Meadows and the Fox personalities, and other GOP lawmakers demonstrated a very different private point of view than their public-facing defense of the insurrection on January 6 at the U.S. Capitol.

Acosta played video of Marjorie Taylor Greene telling the public that she just had a “planning meeting” at the White House for January 6. “We aren’t going to let this election be stolen by Joe Biden and the Democrats.President Trump won by a landslide,” Greene had said.

He called out Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan for his treasonous actions after he admitted he was also messaging Mark Meadows himself about trying to get Mike Pence throw out electoral votes.

“He seems nervous,” Acosta said, before he moved on to the scum of Fox “News.”

Of Murdoch’s propaganda network, Acosta described them as “being caught red-handed acting like North Korean state television, lying to the viewers about what happened that day. Covering up the misdeeds of the wanna be dictator.” He continued, “Blaming Antifa sympathizers for January 6, and downplaying the violence the days that followed.”

Acosta then lowered the boom.

“Guys,” he said. “You’ve been busted on your bullshit. On your betrayal.”

Acosta switch to Laura Ingram’s program that night when she said 99% of MAGA were peaceful, “but because a small contingent of loons these patriots have been unfairly maligned.”


Acosta switched to Brian Kilmeade, “Trump was not saying go take the Capitol. He was going to go protest at the Capitol…”


Acosta then switched to Sean Hannity:

“Trump supporters everywhere are being blamed for what happened at the Capitol, but the vast majority of people that protested did so peacefully…”


Acosta cut in and said, “All lies.”

It’s not like this is the first time Acosta called out these people for their lies, but this time he had the proof of their own text messages to back up his assertions.

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