Acosta Mercilessly Mocks GOP 'Freak Show Caucus'

Acosta Mercilessly Mocks GOP 'Freak Show Caucus'

Jim Acosta was ON FIRE today during his mid-show monologue, completely dragging what he dubbed the GOP “Freak Show Caucus.” You know the crew – the Twitter trolls that managed to land undeserving seats in Congress: Lauren “My husband went to prison for showing teenagers his peen” Boebert, Paul “my entire family hates me” Gosar, Madison “I beat up trees” Cawthorn, Marjorie “I do CrossFit pullups wrong” Taylor Greene. They are all moronic, unqualified buffoons.

From the opening, when Acosta called them the Freak Show Caucus to his blistering dragging of Boebert, I could not stop laughing.

The best summary:

ACOSTA: Yes, welcome to the Trump Republican Party Freak Show Caucus, home of Paul Gosar, who was censured for posting a violent photoshop anime showing him attack Democrats. The Freak Show Caucus knows the party’s current leader in the House, Kevin McCarthy, is not going to stand in their way. McCarthy has gone from blaming Trump for January 6th

(clip of McCarthy taking a stand, before Trump forcibly removed his spine through his anus)

ACOSTA: to complaining that Trump should have been awarded a Nobel Peace Prize. And even though McCarthy has said that Greene and Gosar will be serving on committees — Greene questions whether he will become House speaker….The lesson learned for Greene and the rest of the Freak Show Caucus, appeasement is interpreted as weakness. Loyalty only flows in one direction. Not the Republican leader, more like the Dear Leader, which means more hatred, more bigotry, more glorification of violence and more appeasement.

THE MONEY QUOTE was when Acosta showed the totally bizarre challenge that Boebert made to Madison Cawthorne – wherein she “challenged him to a sprint” to see who would win Kyle Rittenhouse as an intern. Madison Cawthrorne is in a wheelchair.

Acosta landed this bodyblow, saying: ‘I know what you’re saying, she’s not the brightest bulb on the Capitol Christmas tree.” Then he added this blunt and honest assessment about Rittenhouse and his hero status among the far right whackadoodles: “An internship? Really? It sounds like he’s on his way to Speakership. Would Kevin McCarthy object to that? I have my doubts.”

As always, incisive, biting, blunt, honest. The exact qualities the 2021 Republican Party hate.

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