Adam Schiff Nails Trump For Getting Ukrainians Killed By Withholding Military Aid

Adam Schiff Nails Trump For Getting Ukrainians Killed By Withholding Military Aid

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) drilled Trump by pointing out that the former president got Ukrainians killed by withholding military aid.


Chairman Schiff said on MSNBC’s The Sunday Show with Jonathan Capehart:

And as you say, just a reminder for folks of who that first impeachment was about — first of all, it is important for people to recognize Ukraine has been at war with Russia for a long time. Back during that impeachment, there were Ukrainians fighting and dying every week at the hands of Russians and Russian-backed separatists Donald Trump was holding back military aid to Ukraine to extort Zelinsky of Ukraine to help him smear his opponent Joe Biden. 

He cared that little about the future of democracy to use that country, withhold its military support, to get that political help. And so if he were president today, you know, again, he would view Ukraine as something — simply a disposable tool in his hand to better himself with Putin who he so admires. He would be calling Putin a genius as he is today. God help the people of Ukraine if he were the president right now. 

Rep. Schiff was right. The idea that Trump would have defended Ukraine in the face of Russian aggression is laughable because he already tried to blackmail Ukraine for dirt on Joe Biden.

Trump-supporting Republicans want to act like the war started with Russia’s invasion, but the Russian violence against Ukraine was happening while Trump was president, and his answer was to withhold military aid and get Ukrainians killed.

Donald Trump would never have defended Ukraine because he already has Ukrainian blood on his hands.

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