Adults Do Nothing As Students Chant Sex Insults At Female Goalie

Adults Do Nothing As Students Chant Sex Insults At Female Goalie

During a high school hockey game between Armstrong High School and Mars Hockey Club in Pennsylvania, a number of Armstrong students chanted explicit sexual remarks at the female goalie.

The goalie was brought to tears.

Nobody, not one adult, not one parent, coach, or referee, did or said anything to stop it.

The game should have been forfeited.

What scum.

Yahoo Sports reports:

In my mind, this should’ve been stopped immediately by anyone that was there who has any moral value at all. I’m disgusted by it. … There were a lot of people there who could’ve handled this differently,” Armstrong principal Kirk Lorigan said via Mike White of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Thankfully swift action took place as, “all Armstrong students have been banned from attending hockey games, while the students who allegedly participated in the chants may face further disciplinary action.”

Around the world, soccer has its issues with homophobic chants and the officials finally have stopped the games, with both teams going off the pitch and demanding the crowds stop.

Mexico fans started doing their ignorant chants in the 2000’s and their team has lost all fans to two home games in 2022 during WC Qualifiers.

More needs to be done.

I’m sure traitor Trump would say that’s “just a little locker room talk.”

This is the “Let’s Go Brandon” mob-chant mentality these parents are teaching their kids.

— …Á Las Trocas !! (@wwjoehd) November 4, 2021

The disgusting behavior of the deplorables yelling about vaccines/masks, at school boards, yelling at the Pres and other politicians etc is setting a great example to their children 🤦🏼‍♀️

— peace, love & voter rights (@Bidenwonthnkgod) November 4, 2021

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