Alex Jones Makes Excuses; He'll Plead Fifth To Avoid Jail

Alex Jones Makes Excuses; He'll Plead Fifth To Avoid Jail

Alex Jones explained to anyone who would listen that he’ll take advantage of his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination before the January 6 investigators.

He is within his constitutional rights to do this.

But Alex Jones isn’t saying that testifying means he would incriminate himself. He’s blaming the January 6 Committee, and the FBI, for something-something entrapment.

“They will claim I lie about something to the committee, which isn’t even true—I wouldn’t lie—then they will have the FBI and the Justice Department indict me for lying to Congress. I’m not stupid,” Jones said.

Jones continued to slander the committee: “So they’ve been asking why other people weren’t declaring the Fifth. I’m probably going to declare the Fifth, not because I’ve done anything wrong but because these people are political criminals that have an axe to grind.”

And he’s going to have a VERY SPECIAL VIDEO for SALE on December 7! Watch for it! Never let a hot news cycle go un-grifted!

Back when Hillary Clinton’s tech person exercised his Fifth Amendment rights to avoid answering questions from the BENGHAZI committee (talk about “political criminals”) the entirety of Trumpworld declared that an admission of guilt.

Alex Jones isn’t just a ‘conspiracist’ or a ‘provocateur.’ He’s not (just) a grifter. He’s also a purveyor of horrible antisemitism, Islamophobia, and homophobia. Not sure why he so often gets a pass for that. Is it the Trump effect? That we can’t keep up with all his awfulness?

— Mehdi Hasan (@mehdirhasan) November 23, 2021

Notice the white power sign he flashes throughout most of this tirade. Not even subtle.

— Maureen Moore (@HopesMom12) November 23, 2021

So there was no insurrection, and he was there to stop it, and he’s gonna take the 5th so he doesn’t spend the rest of his life in prison, and we can buy his video on 12/7 to get the full story.

I say we let him keep digging. ⛏

— Another Angry Southern Liberal (@KtownLiberal) November 23, 2021

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