Alito's Fee Fees Hurt; Polls Show SCOTUS Losing Public Trust

Alito's Fee Fees Hurt; Polls Show SCOTUS Losing Public Trust

Republicans have succeeded in packing the Supreme Court.

Justices from the approved Federalist Society list were added to the court by Mitch McConnell and Mango Mussolini, who knew full well they would overturn Roe V Wade and implement their extreme right-wing agenda for the next generation.

To prove their bona fides, the high court refused to issue an injunction after Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed into law the most draconian anti-choice bill in US history.

The majority opinion was unsigned and consisted of a single long paragraph. It said the abortion providers who had challenged the law in an emergency application to the court had not made their case in the face of “complex and novel” procedural questions. The majority stressed that it was not ruling on the constitutionality of the Texas law and did not mean to limit “procedurally proper challenges” to it.

Texas has even put in a provision where citizens can accuse women of getting abortions after the bogus six-week mark and claim a $10,000 reward. Heinrich Himmler would be proud.

In a shadow docket ruling that upheld the Texas anti-abortion law, Alito was outraged by criticisms directed at them. And said so in public, which is not something SCOTUS judges usually do.

We did no such thing, and we said so expressly in our order,” he said, quoting from it. Indeed, the majority in the 5-to-4 ruling said it based its decision on procedural grounds and did not address the constitutionality of the Texas law.

Alito said, “The shadow docket is not a serious criticism. The catchy and sinister term shadow docket has been used to portray the court as having been captured by a dangerous cabal that resorts to sneaky and improper methods to get its ways.”

Alito whined that these critics are trying to intimidate the court to damage it.

Using a procedural excuse, they’ve almost entirely outlawed a women’s right to choose. It’s not just the media or Adam Serwer, but another Supreme Court Justice making the same criticisms.

Justice Elena Kagan writes in her dissenting opinion, wrote that the majority’s unsigned order “illustrates just how far the court’s ‘shadow docket’ decisions may depart from the usual principles of the appellate process.”

Adam Serwer really unnerved Alito in this article. Justices love to proclaim their impartiality, all evidence to the contrary.

Having reached the heights of the legal profession, it must be deflating for the justices to recognize that the public is not obligated to reflect their self-regard. In truth, the public is simply reciprocating the contempt that the justices show for the people every time they insist on lying to their face about how the Court works, or why it looks the way it does today.

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