Ana Navarro Flattens Mike Pence; What A Bootlicker

Ana Navarro Flattens Mike Pence; What A Bootlicker

You gotta love it when Ana Navarro takes the gloves off.

Mike Pence is giving interviews and recording podcasts (really?) about how he and the former so-called president “parted amicably” and are “cordial” yadda yadda yadda.

Nobody believes you, Mike.

And Ana Navarro on CNN Tuesday when further than that: “It’s so embarrassing, you almost want to feel sorry for the guy until you realize just how pathetic Mike Pence is. How can you be such a bootlicker? How can you be so servile to somebody who did not call off a mob that wanted to hang you?”

Many on Twitter added to her comments:

Pence knew exactly what happened that day but chooses to live in darkness. Don’t vote for anyone that chooses darkness.

— 2nd to Last Jedi (@twig_the) October 5, 2021

If Pence genuflects like this to a guy who sent people to execute him, how could anyone trust he’d stand up for America? He won’t even stand up for himself or his family. He’s a puddle of piss

— SnarkTank (@TankSnark) October 5, 2021

Many women have accepted the help needed to leave an abusive relationship. Pence needs to follow their example and obtain such help.

— Judy Busch (@JudyBusch) October 5, 2021

Pence has only, and I mean only one redeeming act as a VP… he counted the votes.

— Margaret Rudt M.S.Ed. (@rudtmarg) October 5, 2021

and @PattiUSBLUE tweeted this picture:


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