Anti-Maskers Arrested After Fight With Owner In Cookie Shop

Anti-Maskers Arrested After Fight With Owner In Cookie Shop

These two actually captured the entire scene on video, showing the violent confrontation to the cops who arrived on the scene quickly in downtown Eugene, Oregon. They were quickly handcuffed and whisked away.

Source: Huffington Post

An Oregon couple who complained their rights were violated when they were told to wear masks in a bakery were arrested after showing police their video of the violent confrontation at the store, officials said.

Portland-area couple Ricki Collin, 34, and Amy Hall, 45, were charged with third-degree assault following their arrest in downtown Eugene on Wednesday, according to police.

The video shows a man and a woman walking into the Crumb Together bakery. (The video, filmed by the man, can be seen above and below, and features NSFW language.) In the store, a person ― identified in some news reports as the store’s owner ― asks the couple to leave because they’re not wearing masks. They refuse, and a verbal confrontation follows. The woman can be seen shoving the owner, who then gets a baseball bat from behind the counter and again asks the couple to leave.

The woman and the owner get into a physical struggle that lasts for over half a minute. In the video, the owner can be heard screaming and yelling “Get the fuck out!”

According to reports, these two are so deranged that it was actually them who flagged down the cops, showed them the video and complained that their “rights” were violated, before being arrested themselves. Apparently, the two have a history of such incidents.

The incident.

Ricki Collin and Amy Hall were arrested in Eugene, OR after they assaulted a bakery store owner over masks. The couple travels around harassing business owners in the area. (Physical altercation and profanity warning).

— Ron Filipkowski (@RonFilipkowski) November 5, 2021

And their arrest.

And if you want to, the two dimwits streamed the entire encounter and their subsequent arrest. For over 50 minutes. Should make their sentencing relatively quick, one would think.

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