Anti-Vax Doctor Gets Explicit WhatsApp Message While On TV

Anti-Vax Doctor Gets Explicit WhatsApp Message While On TV

A message from ‘Suzie Sub’ flashed onscreen notifying the vaccine skeptic that she was ready to be used for his pleasure. A spokesman for the doctor later blamed “hackers” for his pornographic message, as White has been the ‘target of smear campaigns.’ Uh huh.

Source: Independent

A doctor who has questioned the effectiveness of masks and coronavirus vaccines accidentally revealed X-rated messages in a recording he shared of an interview with GB News.

Dr Samuel White featured on the channel after winning a High Court battle following being restricted from his GP role and social media, after claiming “masks do nothing” and sharing skepticisms about vaccines.

In a screen recording that Dr White reportedly shared to his website, a suggestive WhatsApp message from a ‘Suzy Sub’ appeared. It said: “As you rest just give a thought to using me for your pleasure. Having me on my knees doing whatever you say.”

His fellow guest also posted the video, with this bemused caption.

And a longer version.

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