Anti-Vax Republican On Ventilator In ICU

Anti-Vax Republican On Ventilator In ICU

News report from Click on Detroit (Nov 19, 2000). A closer look at Wayne County canvassers Monica Palmer and William Hartmann.

The Metro Times is reporting that Wayne County Republican Trump lovin’ loon William Hartmann, the former vice-chairman of the Wayne County Board of Canvassers has been in intensive care since early November.

Hartmann, like other MAGA wackos refused to certify the county’s election after Joe Biden one and made believe Covid 19 was nothing more than a money grab of some sort.

Hartmann has attacked all vaccines and equated any government attempts to get people vaccinated to Nazi Germany.

As we’ve been documenting, more and more COVID deniers are being infected and are facing the wrath of the virus.

It truly is a shame that Michigan Department of Health and Human Services between October 7 to November 5, 76% of the people will who died from COVID were unvaccinated.

And that’s due to their fears, ignorance and people egged on by people like Hartmann, others like him, Fox News and almost all of right-wing media.

I never wish anyone to become ill no matter how I disagree with them, but if you’re going to flaunt insane conspiracy theories and anti-vax nonsense that help others get infected and die then don’t ask me to feel bad for you.

Unvaccinated former GOP Vice Chair of the Wayne Co (MI) Bd of Supervisors William Hartman is on a ventilator this Thanksgiving with covid. He refused to verify the 2020 election, said covid was “hullabaloo,” and compared mandates to Nazi Germany.

— Ron Filipkowski (@RonFilipkowski) November 25, 2021

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