Anti-Vaxxer Eric Metaxas' Family Devastated By COVID

Anti-Vaxxer Eric Metaxas' Family Devastated By COVID

Eric Metaxas, the anti-vax talk show host, finally came back on air after a two-week absence and explained how devastating COVID was to him and his family.

“If you been wondering where I have been, I have no idea where I’ve been. I’ve been in a perspiring haze for days and days and days,” Metaxas told his audience.

COVID is no f**king joke.

Back in July this evangelical talk show host told Steve Bannon’s War Room that he’s not afraid of getting COVID and wants people to rise up and rebel against it.

Religious-right commentator Eric Metaxas says people should refuse to get vaccinated for COVID just to be a rebel: “If the government or everybody is telling you you have to do something … if only to be a rebel, you need to say, ‘I’m not going to do this.'”

— Right Wing Watch (@RightWingWatch) July 28, 2021

“I’m not afraid of getting it, my kids are not afraid of getting it. This is not a big deal for us,” Metaxas ranted. “I’m not gonna put some experimental thing in my system. If the government or everybody is telling you you have to do something. We don’t have no decent. That’s not the American way, folks. If only to be a rebel, you need to say, ‘I’m not going to do this.'”

Now after going through COVID as well as infecting his 94 year-old father, Eric is singing a different song in entirely.

“I got Covid. Suzanne got Covid and I don’t know she give it to me or I gave it to her… Then she went to visit my parents and gave it to them. And my mother got it my father got it.

“So this has been THE Craziest time in Metaxas family. If you been wondering where I then. I have no idea where I’ve been. I’ve been in a perspiring haze for days and days and days. Obviously I’m mostly out of it. The fact that I can be functional and talk here for the first time in two weeks but, the fact that my parents were ill was very upsetting to me.”

“My dad had to go to the emergency room you again so it’s been a really crazy time and I just want to say to our audience thank you for bearing with us this has been an unprecedented crazy crazy time.”

Yesterday I wrote an op-ed saying, “It appears that only the DEATH of a loved one will convince an anti-vaxxer to get the shot. Sad.”

That’s simply horrifying to contemplate, but it’s becoming the truth.

Eric’s father didn’t die from COVID, but if he wasn’t making money off of being a COVID denier I’d expect he’d come around to reality.

We are well past the time when a Democratic president is going to convince QAnon and MAGA cultists to protect themselves, their family, friends, and communities from spreading infectious virus.

I wonder if Metaxas will change his tune about vaccines. I doubt it. Rarely do they apologize or change course for their awful behavior.

These evangelical talk show hosts are helping to infect and kill Americans on a daily basis.

If you’re unfamiliar with Metaxas’ religious views, Fredrick Clarkson dishes on his extremely destructive beliefs.

Revolutionary rhetoric that goes beyond civil disobedience to suggest violence is now routine among prominent conservative religious and political leaders. In 2012, a rising star of the Christian Right, evangelical author Eric Metaxas, spoke at a Washington, D.C., bookstore operated by the arch-conservative Roman Catholic order Opus Dei. (A few weeks earlier, Metaxas had been the keynote speaker at the annual National Prayer Breakfast, hosted by the secretive evangelical network, The Family.)25 President Obama, as has been the tradition for U.S. presidents, also spoke. In his bookstore presentation, Metaxas compared proposed federal regulations regarding contraception coverage in employer-insurance packages to Nazi-era legislation in Germany.

Metaxas is a best-selling biographer of Dietrich Bonhoeffer, a German anti-Nazi theologian, and he warned that the plight of conservative Christians “is so oddly similar to where Bonhoeffer found himself” early in the Nazi era. “If we don’t fight now,” Metaxas warned, “if we don’t really use all our bullets now, we will have no fight five years from now. It’ll be over … We’ve got to die on this hill. Most people say, oh no, this isn’t serious enough. It’s just this little issue. But it’s the millimeter … it’s that line that we cross. I’m sorry to say that I see these parallels. I really wish I didn’t.”26

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