Anti-Vaxxer Nurse Who Claimed The Vaccine 'Kills People' Dies From COVID

Anti-Vaxxer Nurse Who Claimed The Vaccine 'Kills People' Dies From COVID

Before he tested positive for COVID-19, Shurden had purchased a new touring RV, with the aim of travelling around and protesting “healthcare genocide,” the report at the Daily Mail said. Another dream cruelly dashed by the reality of COVID.

Source: Daily Mail

An anti-vaxxer Oklahoma nurse who wrote poetry about the ‘plandemic’ and ‘healthcare genocide’ died of complications from COVID-19, after claiming the vaccine killed people.

Steve Shurden, 58, from Tulsa, battled the virus for three weeks and eventually passed away on October 19.

Steve and his wife, Teresa, a vocational nurse, were very vocal on Facebook about their anti-vaccine stances, constantly sharing misinformation about COVID.

Steve also shared his right-wing, pro-Trump, politically charged poetry on a daily basis until his hospitalization on September 28.

After Steve’s death, his wife did not seem regretful that her husband chose to refuse the vaccine, which could have increased his chances at survival while battling the illness.

Teresa shared that Steve had ‘made it’ to heaven and that she wished they had gone together.

Yes, we wish you had too, Teresa. The fewer lunatic nurses around the better.

Shurden, besides being an anti-vax fanatic also wrote poetry. Here’s some of his handiwork about the “plandemic.”

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