ASU Student Groups Protest Killer Kyle Rittenhouse’s Enrollment

ASU Student Groups Protest Killer Kyle Rittenhouse’s Enrollment

Four student groups at Arizona State University are planning to protest Killer Kyle Rittenhouse attending their school. They also are demanding that the school publicly denounce white supremacy.

Rittenhouse has said that he wanted to attend ASU in person to pursue an education and eventual career in nursing. In court, he testified that was one of his purported intents of going to Kenosha that fateful night was to help tend to any injured people. The illegally purchased AR 15 was apparently necessary because the protesters weren’t just going to injure themselves, were they?


The planned student rally Wednesday has sparked debate online over whether the student groups were right or wrong to call for Rittenhouse’s removal from ASU.

A Twitter post announcing the anti-Rittenhouse rally on the Students for Socialism ASU Twitter page said Rittenhouse got “a not-guilty verdict from a flawed ‘justice’ system,'” but said he’s still guilty to the victims and their families.

Groups listed on the flier are Students for Socialism, Students for Justice in Palestine, the Multicultural Solidarity Coalition and MECHA de ASU.

Students for Socialism said on Twitter Monday after news that Rittenhouse was no longer enrolled that the Wednesday rally will still happen for the other demands.

Killer Kyle then pulled out the victim card once again, mewling about just wanting to be treated like a normal 18 year old college student. Because, y’know, every 18 year old college kid kills at least two people before pursuing higher learning:

And Rittenhouse told Tucker Carlson on Fox News that there were still things to look into, “but I do intend on going on campus,” with the intention of studying nursing, or maybe law, at ASU.

“I’m hoping I can live a quiet, stress-free life and be free of any intimidation or harassment and just go on with my life as a normal 18-year-old kid attending college,” he said.

“I’m hoping that people go back and understand the facts and be like, watch the trial, watch the prosecutorial misconduct that I believe happened, and realize that I was an innocent 17-year-old who was violently attacked and defended myself,” Rittenhouse told Carlson.

Late Monday, confusion arose when the university stated that Killer Kyle wasn’t enrolled at the school like he had testified to during his trial. Furthermore, the school would not clarify this statement. Did the school actually boot him out or did he drop out.

It turns out that Killer Kyle perjured himself during the trial and had dropped out before the trial even started:

He told Ashleigh Banfield in an interview on NewsNation that he took a “compassionate withdrawal” from two classes “because I got overwhelmed with trial coming on,” but that he plans to go back to school.

“Next semester that opens up, I’m going to re-enroll in those classes just so I can finish them up and pursue my career in nursing,” he said, adding that while he’s been taking classes online, he hopes he can be on campus.

What accredited university wouldn’t want a murderer and a liar as their student? I mean, who cares if the entire student body is feeling unsafe? He’s got his white privilege to exercise!

And it certainly wouldn’t be an university that gladly accepts Koch Kash.

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