Bartiromo Yells At Jordan: 'Not A Dime' For Border Wall In Biden's Bill

Bartiromo Yells At Jordan: 'Not A Dime' For Border Wall In Biden's Bill

No one should ever dare to call this woman a news “reporter.” Here’s Fox’s Maria Bartiromo talking to Gym Jordan about the 13 Republicans they’ve basically accused of committing treason because they voted for the bipartisan infrastructure bill and dared to defy Dear Leader.

Apparently, Bartiromo believes that Trump’s vanity project doesn’t fall into the category of wasteful spending:

BARTIROMO: Let me bring you back to domestic issues Congressman, because it just… I have this feeling that there is no regard for taxpayer money at all in this administration. I went to ask you about the of the infrastructure bill.

Before I get there, we’re looking at the graphic of what’s in the infrastructure bill. Joe Biden’s expected to sign it into law tomorrow, but your colleagues voted for it. Are they going to lose committee assignments?

I mean, where’s the accountability!? Why would your colleagues, 13 Republicans, vote for this bill when there’s not a dime in it for the border wall?

JORDAN: Yeah, I mean, look, I don’t know. I don’t know what’s going to happen. I wish they wouldn’t have voted for it. I wish that it wouldn’t have passed, because you’re right, there is simply no accountability for how we spend taxpayer dollars in the Biden administration.

Trump promised to get infrastructure passed and couldn’t get it done during his entire presidency. Now Republicans who did the right thing and voted for it are receiving death threats for doing it, and you can thank Fox and people like Jordan for helping to stoke those tensions.

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