Bernstein: Trump's Conspiracy To Overturn Biden's Presidency

Bernstein: Trump's Conspiracy To Overturn Biden's Presidency

Carl Bernstein joined CNN’s Jim Acosta this week to discuss new revelations uncovered in Jonathan Karl’s book.

Bernstein said what Trump did and said on January 5 and 6, “was the most grievous undermining of our Constitution in the history of the U.S.”

Acosta brought up several memos, including one written by Jenna Ellis, that explored various pathways to overthrow the election.

“It sounds like they were weighing multiple coup options — it almost it sounds like there was a conspiracy.”

“Of course there was a conspiracy!” Bernstein replied.

He continued, “There was a conspiracy led by the President of the United States to overturn the duly-elected incoming president of the United States Joe Biden by thwarting the electoral college process.”

Jim Acosta asked how this is not a “crime question.”

Many Americans are asking the same thing. Shouldn’t the entire Trump administration be under criminal indictment?

Bernstein replied, “It’s a constitutional crime. Also, it may be a criminal act, in which an ordinary citizen would be tried and convicted in jail.”

Bernstein continued, “We know Trump tried to overturn the election through lies and through actual acts inhibit the count of the vote. To keep the electoral college from casting its votes.”

“That’s what these memos are about. They show multiple attempts and blueprints on how to manipulate the process in such a way that there would not be a free and fair election in this country for the president of the United States.”

The entire beltway media is pretty quiet on this very serious and troubling topic.

Attempts to overthrow elections by Republicans may likely repeat, since the GOP has lost any sense of morals. If Trump or somebody as deranged as he is tries to use a similar approach to overturn an upcoming election, and isn’t so ham-handed about it, our democracy is sunk.

And yet, instead of taking this seriously, the mainstream media are attacking Biden for not fearmongering about COVID-related inflation. They simply do not want to talk about the FACT that one of our political parties is okay with using violence to retain power.

It’s incredible.

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