Biden Secretary Of State Blinken To Confront Russia At UN

Biden Secretary Of State Blinken To Confront Russia At UN

Sec. of State Blinken made a last-minute schedule change to fly to New York and confront Russia at the UN.

Biden Administration To Confront Russia At The UN

Reporters from both The Washington Post and CNN tweeted:

Big schedule change: Blinken is now flying to New York before Germany to face off with the Russians at the UN. Blinken will likely be the highest-ranking official there. US official says it’s “perhaps the most perilous moment for peace and security since the end of the Cold War”

— John Hudson (@John_Hudson) February 17, 2022

NEW: @SecBlinken is making a stop in New York en route to Munich to address today’s UN Security Council meeting on the Minsk agreements.@USAmbUN says the “goal is to convey the gravity of the situation,” notes evidence is “that Russia is moving towards an imminent invasion.”

— Jennifer Hansler (@jmhansler) February 17, 2022

The Biden Administration Is Doing What Trump Was Afraid To Do. They Are Confronting Russia.

For reasons that still remain a mystery to this day, Donald Trump was afraid of Putin and Russia. Trump made the United States kneel to Putin for four years.

Those days are over.

The Biden administration is confronting Putin, has no fear of the Russian dictator.

Putin got away with whatever he wanted for years under Trump, but he is swimming in the deep water now. The US knows what he is up to, and the Biden administration supports the US intelligence community, instead of discrediting them.

Russia continues to take steps toward invading Ukraine. Sec. Blinken is heading to New York to take on the Russians and also alert the rest of the world about what Putin is up to.

The United States has returned to leading the world, and Putin’s aggression against Ukraine will not go unchecked and unpunished.

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