Biden Tells Putin What Trump Never Would: The US Will Defend Every Inch Of NATO Territory

Biden Tells Putin What Trump Never Would: The US Will Defend Every Inch Of NATO Territory

President Biden delivered a dire warning to Putin that if he invades Ukraine, the US will rally the world and defend NATO territory.


President Biden said:

If Russia proceeds, we will rally the world to oppose its aggression. The United States and our allies and partners around the world are ready to impose powerful sanctions on export controls including actions that we did not pursue when Russia invaded Crimea in eastern Ukraine in 2014. We put intense pressure on their largest and most significant financial institutions and key industries. These measures are ready to go. As soon or if Russia moves.

 We will impose long-term consequences on Russia’s ability to compete economically and strategically. And when it comes to Nord Stream 2, the pipeline that would bring natural gas for Russia in Germany, if Russia further invades Ukraine, it will not happen.

While I will not send American servicemen to fight in Ukraine, we have supplied them with equipment to help defend themselves, but we have provided training. And advice. And intelligence. For the same purpose. And make no mistake. The United States will defend every inch of NATO territory. With the full force of American power. An attack against one NATO country is an attack against all of us. The United States’ commitment to Article V is sacrosanct. 

Trump never uttered such a strong statement to Putin or Russia during his entire time in office. President Biden put the United States back in line with the nation’s history of standing up against Russian aggression.

After four years of a president who was terrified to say anything critical of Putin, the United States has been returned back to the head of the democracy defending table.

The strong and unified message from the United States appears to have given Putin pause, as he is doing what Trump never tried to force him to do.

Joe Biden is making Vladimir Putin think twice before he acts.

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