Boebert Believes Islamaphobia Is Akin To A Fear Of Clowns

Boebert Believes Islamaphobia Is Akin To A Fear Of Clowns

While being interviewed at the TPUSA treason conference, Rep. Lauren Boebert seemed confused about what a phobia is, thinking a fear of clowns is exactly the same as religious persecution.

Boebert discussed the Islamophobia bill that passed the House because of her racist attack on Rep. Ilhan Omar.

“It’s going to create a new department to combat Islamophobia’ she snarked. “A phobia? Really? We’re going to combat fears.”

She actually said that.

Let’s face it, she knows what racism is and the Muslim bashing she aimed at Rep. Omar was purely Islamophobic.

Boebert also understands what homophobia and anti-Semitism are, perfectly. Or does she? Maybe she believes homophobia is the fear of pasteurized milk?

But wait! Ms. Q went into another psychotic tangent. She really wanted a definition.

“If the bill said, Islamophobia is not condemning someone for marrying their brother to commit immigration fraud to come into our country, maybe I would have had a little more inclination to vote yes,” Boebert spouted, proving once again that she knows exactly what she’s saying and doing, playing to the audience.

The Real America’s Voice host giggled with glee.

Were they serving mushrooms at Charlie Kirk’s event?

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