California High Schoolers Post Swastika 'Tattoos'; Draw Ire

California High Schoolers Post Swastika 'Tattoos'; Draw Ire

News reports have generally blurred out the faces, as some of the offenders seem to be under 18. No matter though, social media has spread the offensive content across the globe already, of course. Considering the shame that this brings the town, a seeming rural bastion for right-wing politics in blue California, one wonders if they’ll treat this with the seriousness it deserves. We shall see. Maybe.

Source: CBS, Sacremento

WHEATLAND (CBS13) — A picture is circulating on social media of several Wheatland Union High School students with swastikas drawn on their bodies.

The school’s superintendent condemned the behavior in a letter to the district community, confirming they are investigating the photo. The Wheatland Police Department also told CBS13 they are investigating the picture as well.

In the meantime, neighbors are concerned. The post is scaring neighbors.

“Hopefully, if something like that does happen, he stays away from it,” Chris Singleton said of his son, who’s a part of the Wheatland School District. “I don’t know any of the kids or who the parents are. I just say people need to be taught a bit better not to do that kind of thing.”

The school responded with this rather lame statement.

Social media was not amused.

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