Capitol Rioter Jenna Ryan Still In Denial

Capitol Rioter Jenna Ryan Still In Denial

Jenna Ryan gave yet another absurd interview this week, this time to local news station WFAA. Some of her more eye-rolling comments were:

“I’ve plead guilty to entering the Capitol for two minutes and eight seconds,” Ryan said.
The riot was a peaceful protest, sort of like the civil rights protests of the 1960s.
She was let into the Capitol building by a police officer who just stood there as hundreds of protesters went inside, sort of like a Walmart greeter.
She’s only getting jail time because of her high profile and believes she should have gotten a ticket instead, for perhaps $500.
She’s getting prepared for prison. “I’m watching all the YouTube videos on how prison is, how to go to prison, what to do.”

Ryan was sentenced to 60 days in prison last week for her role in the Capitol riot of January 6th. She begins serving her time on January 4th, 2022.

Source: WFAA, Dallas

“I wish that had not have been open, but a police officer was standing next to me. It was kind of like a Walmart greeter,” Ryan said. “It was a beautiful parade of red, flags, it wasn’t the violence you see on the news. It was very peaceful. Now, there was a broken window.”

Ryan claims she was not aware of violence shown in videos until she returned home later.

“All there were, were people who were standing up for election integrity, and the only person who got hurt was a protestor,” said Ryan.

More than 150 officers suffered injuries from chemical spray burns to head injuries and broken ribs. Some remained out of work for months. Officer Brian Sicknick died a day later of natural causes according to a medical examiner. Two men have been charged assaulting Sicknick by spraying him with bear spray.

As she said, “I’m not one for remorse, it’s like a thought crime.” Spoken like a true sociopath.

Jenna Ryan is one of the most high-profile cases from the January 6 Capitol riot.

Last week, she was sentenced to 60 days in prison starting in January. She’s watching YouTube videos to prepare.
We sat down with her to discuss January 6 and her now-viral fame.

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— William Joy (@WilliamJoy) November 12, 2021

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