Children Of Dad Who Died Of COVID Blame His Death On Tucker Carlson

Children Of Dad Who Died Of COVID Blame His Death On Tucker Carlson

On CNN’s New Day Monday, Katie and Evan Lane joined host John Berman to discuss the loss of their 45-year-old father Patrick to COVID.

The kids said Patrick wasn’t anti-vax but became vaccine hesitant after watching some right wing propaganda on YouTube.

Katie and Evan said that their father did consume information from both sides but because of some disinformation about the vaccine, he was waiting for an FDA approval before getting the shot.

“And Katie, you said from one media source, in particular, he was getting misinformation, he was getting information that led him to be hesitant on vaccines. Who? I mean who was he listening to?” John Berman asked.

“He, he watched some Tucker Carlson videos on YouTube, and some of those videos involved some misinformation about vaccines, and I believe that that played a role,” Lane replied.

Patrick’s last words to his wife were that he wished he took the vaccine.

It’s time these right-wing media outlets face criminal charges for knowingly and repeatedly promoting misinformation on the virus itself, as well as all safety measures promoted by the CDC just to appease the MAGA crowd and increase their viewership, especially when they are all vaccinated.

Hear that, Tucker?

Fox News continually uses children to attack mask mandates and the bogus Critical Race Theory outcries in school board meetings on their air waves, but these are college age kids discussing their sadness at losing their father, a loss they wouldn’t have suffered if Tucker Carlson hadn’t lied to him about the vaccine.

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