'Christians' Chant 'Let's Go Brandon' At Cornerstone Church Rally

'Christians' Chant 'Let's Go Brandon' At Cornerstone Church Rally

On Sunday, Cornerstone Church in San Antonio went trending on Twitter because it appeared parishioners were chanting “Let’s go Brandon” during a church service.

That didn’t happen. I’ll explain.

“Let’s Go Brandon” is the stupid, cutesie way Republicans who think of themselves as Christian have been saying “Eff You Biden”.

What did happen is that Cornerstone Church either rented or donated their facility to the “Rewaken America” tour.

That’s a traveling right-wing Christianist rally that is blatantly pro-Trump and pro-Christian Nationalism.

It is perfectly legal for a church to provide their facility to a political or government-adjacent group. Church buildings are often used for public school graduation ceremonies, as they are often the largest auditorium in a community. A church can rent out their auditorium for a concert or business training as well. I visit a church in my community regularly in order to vote in national and local elections.

It’s clear from the videos that the “Let’s Go Brandon” chant was led by the organizer of the Reawaken Tour, Clay Clark. Joaquin Castro tweeted the truth about the incident:

This is not a church service it’s a political rally. It’s also a prime example of why more people are turned off by and leaving organized religion. https://t.co/QvdAuDqlti

— Joaquin Castro (@JoaquinCastrotx) November 14, 2021

But just because this particular incident wasn’t at a church service, doesn’t mean Cornerstone Church doesn’t engage in politics during the service. This clip IS FROM THE CHURCH SERVICE that same day.

Pastor John Hagee told his congregation during church that Biden is the worst president ever. Hagee is notorious in church-state separation circles for his full-on theocracy BS. He gained notoriety during the 2008 election when his strong support for John McCain and his curious statements about “the Jews” raised eyebrows. You know, his whole “God sent Hitler to hunt the Jews who had failed to support Israel by moving to the Middle East.” SPECIAL!

People are right that churches that indulge theocratic nonsense and politics in the pews like Hagee, should be taxed.

But our tax laws are so biased and corrupt in favor of right-wing politics that Hagee and his ilk could convert their church to a 501-c-3 Political Action Committee and be fully within the law. We need to overturn Citizens United. Corporations are not people, even when those corporations are supported by people have their butts in the pews.

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