Chuck Todd Blames Democrats For GOP Anti-Vax Agendas

Chuck Todd Blames Democrats For GOP Anti-Vax Agendas

NBC Meet the Press host Chuck Todd declined to criticize Republican governors with anti-vaccination agendas while he blamed Democratic President Joe Biden and his administration for not pushing vaccine mandates hard enough.

“I feel like they’ve been pretty reluctant to go back and put this front and center until this week when I think the Omicron variant made it impossible for them not to do it this way,” Todd said during a promotion for Meet the Press. “What are they going to do to push back on anti-vaccine mandate pushback. There they have done — they have not defended their vaccine mandate. It’s a soft mandate. They’ve allowed sort of the right to dictate the messaging on that.”

“They’re also telling us they want to have more tests available,” he continued. “That’s a promise that goes back two presidencies now. We’ve been promised more available testing, quicker, faster, at-home for over — for now almost two years — basically for the entire pandemic — and we’re still not there.”

Despite Todd’s complaint, PCR tests are widely available from CVS and other pharmacies.

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