Chuck Todd Gets Totally Shut Down As He Tries To Blame Democrats For Russia/Ukraine Crisis

Chuck Todd Gets Totally Shut Down As He Tries To Blame Democrats For Russia/Ukraine Crisis

Chuck Todd tried to claim that Ukraine was frustrated with the United States, and former Ukraine Ambassador William Taylor shut him down.


WATCH: There is probably nothing reasonable left to discuss between Russia and Ukraine at this point, former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine William Taylor says.

“Ukraine has a gun to its head while the Russians are negotiating with the Americans and NATO and others.”

— Meet the Press (@MeetThePress) February 20, 2022

Chuck Todd tried to claim that Ukrainian President Zelensky is as frustrated with the West as his with Putin.

Former Amb. Taylor replied, “No, Chuck. He’s clearly frustrated with Putin. He’s got allies. He was there addressing those allies in Munich yesterday, exactly what you just said. He’s got complaints about more support that he would like to have, but the real villain in the case, let’s be clear, is sitting in the Kremlin.”

The narrative that “the West,” which in this case, critics mean Biden, is not doing enough is a Republican talking point.

Chuck Todd can be counted on to put almost any issue or question through his both sides do it filter, but for him to suggest that the West is somehow also frustrating Ukraine is absurd.

There is only one villain in this story, and his name is Putin. The Russian leader has unilaterally decided to mobilize the military to invade a Democratic neighbor.

It is not a both sides issue. Putin is trying to invade Ukraine, and the West is trying to stop him.


The issue is about as clear as any in foreign relations can be, but to Chuck Todd, even hostile aggression against Western democracy is an opportunity to blame both sides.

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