CNN Doc: Hypocrite Trump Probably Got Booster

CNN Doc: Hypocrite Trump Probably Got Booster

Dr. Jonathan Reiner, MD told CNN’s Jim Acosta on Sunday that Trump should have been promoting the vaccine heavily in a public way, instead of acting so secretively, and most likely had a COVID booster.

The seditious ex-president was interviewed by Yahoo Finance and said,” Well, if I felt it was necessary. I guess, I have sort of a double vaccine because, as you know, I had it, recovered from it pretty well.”

In national health emergencies “feeling” what a person should do, especially from a former president, is not an appropriate answer.

Trump’s incoherent answer (so as not to make his MAGA anti-vaxers mad) sends the message that you are free to infect and kill anyone you want. It’s also cowardly.

This prompted Dr. Reiner: “[Trump’s] answer should’ve been ‘if my doctor recommends the booster I will absolutely get the booster and I encourage all my supporters to ask your doctor if you need a booster and to go out and get the booster.”

“Instead he’s riffing it, and If I had to guess. I would guess he’s already been boosted.”

Acosta replied,” In secret.”

“Like the original vaccine, in secret,” Dr. Reiner replied.

“In secret.”

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