CNN Obsesses On Milk Money, Ignores Biden's Child Tax Credit

CNN Obsesses On Milk Money, Ignores Biden's Child Tax Credit

Two CNN reporters (one I usually really admire, one of whom I’ve never heard) put out some colossal garbage on the air Thursday morning. Brianna Keilar introduced Evan McMorris-Santoro’s reporting as one of a typical middle-class family being hit hard by inflation, to the point of now having to struggle to feed their family.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with that premise, assuming the family was actually typical, the information they conveyed was true, and the reporters for the news network helped provide context.

McMorris-Santoro, however, took us to Texas, where the family he profiled had eight teenaged children. EIGHT. TEENAGERS. They just “have a big heart for adoption.” They also claimed the price of milk was $1.99 per gallon in June, and is now $2.79 per gallon, and (here’s the kicker) that they buy twelve gallons of milk per week.

Holy bovine udders, Batman, that’s a lot of milk.

Now, a lot of people on Twitter went off on this family, calling them out on their obvious bullsh*t, particularly about the price of milk and how much they bought weekly. (In March 2021, the average price of a gallon of milk in Texas was $3.48.) I didn’t, however, see anyone mention their being in the grocery store unmasked, or the cringey mom’s performative “gOd iS gOoD hE wIlL pRoViDe” she made sure to get in for the cameras at the checkout line. This, after hearing that her groceries were a whole $90 so far… NINETY DOLLARS for a family of ten people, though she still had another cart to ring up. (Lady, if you can feed a family of 10 on $200-$300 a week, you’re a f*cking magician, quit your bitching.)

A lot of people were also furious at CNN for not fact-checking their story, for trying to pass this family off as “typical middle-class,” and for ignoring the fact that they were CLEARLY and LOUDLY anti-Biden, Trump-loving Republicans in their off-CNN lives.

A few though, including ALL of us here at C&L, wish to emphasize the most egregious anti-journalistic move on the part of Keilar, McMorris-Santoro, and CNN: the fact that for each of those eight children, this Texas family should be receiving a $300-per-month tax credit, thanks to the Biden administration. That’s a whopping $2400-per-month this family is receiving into their cash flow to help them pay what they’re claiming is an 80-cent-per-gallon increase in milk prices.

I mean, I’ve mentioned before that I never do math unless my mom makes me, but this is just irresistible. Using the prices this family cites, if they are buying TWELVE gallons of milk per week, and the price has risen by 80 cents per gallon, that comes to $9.60 per week more for milk. Multiply that by four, as cringe-Christo-mama dramatically implores us to do in this video, and it comes to $38.40 extra for milk per month. The $2400 she’s getting from Biden every month should more than cover it, unless my math skills fail me. Mom? Am I wrong?

How long would it have taken Keilar and McMorris-Santoro to fact-check this? How difficult would it have been to challenge them on how much they’re receiving in tax credits? What’s so difficult about asking them what sorts of other subsidies they’re receiving from the government to help them support their family?

It’s not difficult. Unless the point is to paint the economy as crushing for the middle class when in reality the Biden administration is doing things like giving families a $300/month tax credit per child to help them with things like rising milk prices. We all know news stories giving Biden and the Democrats credit don’t fit with what the networks want to sell, though, don’t we?

Shame on that entire news team.

🚨This story just gets worse. I’m not on Facebook but surely you could have checked Larry Stotler’s or Krista Stotler’s account. And I’m hoping my pals who are on Facebook can find more.

From Larry Stotler, in May, about Pres Biden.

h/t @WindingDot

— Purity For Thee But Not For Me💃🏻⚖️💉 (@TheePurity) November 4, 2021

Wait — when was a gallon of milk last going for $1.99?

— Kevin M. Kruse (@KevinMKruse) November 4, 2021

exactly. total rubbish.

— Jennifer ‘pro-voting’ Rubin (@JRubinBlogger) November 4, 2021

“We talked to this average middle class family of 10 who each drink over a gallon of milk a week to see how inflation is affecting every person”

— ryan (@ryan_hoffman_) November 4, 2021

You are so much better than this incredibly slipshod reporting. Milk costs nearly $4 a gallon–and has gone up in price only 12c since January. Also–given your daily takedowns of Trump, why didn’t you note that Biden’s Child Tax Credit would have helped this family immensely.

— Victoria Brownworth (@VABVOX) November 4, 2021

WHO do you “Think” created this Inflation effect from Tax Cuts for the Wealthy, to the Unchecked Pandemic? TRUMP

It cracks me up how people cry a river over some milk & totally blow off how much in taxes they are paying each month… $2,721.30 for ME!

STOP LYING About Milk $

— Sean Bond (@iam_seanbond) November 4, 2021

I wonder how much government assistance/pay a family that fosters 7 kids would get? Probably enough to pay a little extra for milk.

— Write Here, Write Now (@PaulDees3XChin) November 4, 2021

A gallon of milk hasn’t averaged close to $1.99 in the Dallas market since mid-2018.

So, shouldn’t this be a story about how they’re complaining about TRUMP causing 14.7% annual price inflation?

— Grant Stern is vaxxed (@grantstern) November 4, 2021

Republicans and Fox News wail about inflation and so CNN dutifully takes the bait and presents a scenario where a family that buys enough milk to feed a school and is somehow paying prices from the late 80s is certainly getting hit hard.

— Brian Tyler Cohen (@briantylercohen) November 4, 2021

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