Cognitive Tests, Tax Returns From Politicians? Who Asked?

Cognitive Tests, Tax Returns From Politicians? Who Asked?

On Thursday’s David Brody ‘The Water Cooler’ program, Nikki Haley attacked members of Congress in leadership positions (many of whom are, admittedly, senior citizens) and demanded they have cognitive tests after they release their tax returns.

CBN reporter David Brody, a mainstay with Pat Robertson, attacked President Biden’s mental health as every Republican does, and demanded the press see his medical records.

Of course Brody ignores all of Biden’s town halls and appearances since he’s been elected so they can lie and lie and lie.

Unfortunately for him, his guest didn’t cooperate exactly as he would have liked.

Nikki Haley responded, “Rather than making this about a person, we seriously need to have a conversation”

“That if you’re going to have anyone above a certain age in a position of power — whether it’s the House, whether it’s the Senate, whether it’s vice president, whether it’s president — you should have some sort of cognitive test. Just like you have to show your tax returns, you should have some sort of health screening so that people have faith in what you’re doing,”

Ageist attacks don’t sit very well for anybody except Republicans these days, but unknown to Haley, she put Traitor Trump directly in those crosshairs too.

Will Haley push to finally see Trump’s tax returns before he declares he’ll run again?

Not a Mensa member, Trump wouldn’t be able to get away with his “Person. Woman. Man. Camera. TV.” responses to claim he’s a cognitive and stable genius.

Who needs a cognitive test now? Nikki Haley has all the memory of an average Republican voter!

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