Crazy Republican Senator Blames Vaccines For Delta Variant

Crazy Republican Senator Blames Vaccines For Delta Variant

Sen. Ron Johnson from Wisconsin went on an unhinged rant on Fox News and claimed after vaccines became available, the Delta variant arrived, so — connections!

Tucker Carlson interviewed the “Russian tool of the Senate” Monday night and after admitting COVID killed 700K people, he went anti-vax and asked if any of these safety measures put forth by the CDC as well as vaccines have saved any lives at all.

Carlson said, “If we just ignored it would many more than 700,000 have died.”

“I doubt it,” Ron Johnson replied.

Ignoring a highly infectious virus is now considered “a cure” at Fox News.

Sen. Johnson then claimed that science would come up with all kinds of lies to “prove” they did save lives.

He’s desperate, and an idiot.

The Wisconsin Senator then ranted like a man trying to be the new ‘QAnon Shaman.’

Johnson said, “Science has been corrupted, our medical system has been corrupted! Now I put a chart on the Senate floor last week that showed the pandemic was winding down before the vaccines ever had a chance to take off. Now you’d expect on that chart that the pandemic would continue to wind down! It didn’t! We’ve had this huge delta surge!”

This is nuts, ladies and gentlemen.

Sen. Johnson then claimed that science ignored all these early treatments for COVID on purpose to line their pockets full of gold.

What early treatments, you ask?

Johnson didn’t name any of the drugs that was a cure for COVID, but I imagine he’s talking about hydroxychloroquine and every other snake oil treatments the MAGA grifters were throwing out on Facebook to con cash from Trump voters.

Tucker Carlson incredulously replied, “I don’t know why you’re the only one saying this, but I’m grateful that you are.”

Gotta keep those anti-vax ratings up!

The reason Sen. Johnson is the only one spouting off this insanity is that he’s a lunatic and needs to be in a straight jacket.

As Carlson was signing off on the segment, Johnson still hadn’t finished his practiced speech (was foam coming out of his mouth?) and ranted that we actually don’t have a true vaccine from the FDA on COVID.

Only this imbecile would throw out that conspiracy and only a murderous bastard like Carlson would accept it.

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