Crazy Tucker: U.S. Military Uses Vaccine Mandate To Push Out Real Men

Crazy Tucker: U.S. Military Uses Vaccine Mandate To Push Out Real Men

Oh no, this isn’t obvious.

When Tucker Swanson Carlson says vaccine requirements for the military are a ploy to “identify the sincere Christians in the ranks, the free thinkers, the men with high testosterone levels,” boy, that’s some weapons-grade pandering to male insecurity — and no small degree of projection.

Oh yeah, he also accused military leadership of pushing out “anyone who doesn’t love Joe Biden and make them leave immediately. It’s a takeover of the U.S. military!”

But wait, there’s more!

Tucker then showed what he said was a U.S. Army presentation about vaccines, including a slide that said (presumably ironically): “How many children were sacrificed to Satan because of the vaccine?”

“Then the presentation proceeds to list the so-called tenets of Satanism which are taken from the Temple of Satanism website. So here you have the United States Army doing PR for Satanists,” he said.

What transparent bullsh*t.

We’re pretty sure that Fox News made sure their marquee cash clown is vaccinated. So clearly, he’s actually one of those low-testosterone soy boys who can’t stand up to the Marxist regime that’s in power over at News Corp, and he’s only trying to compensate for his own hypocrisy.

Sucks to be you, huh, Tucker?

Brian Williams, a man who’s so obviously comfortable with his own masculinity, commented on this segment last night on his own show, The 11th Hour:

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