Day 3 Of Tree Freakout Compares Fox To Pearl Harbor

Day 3 Of Tree Freakout Compares Fox To Pearl Harbor

During the relighting of the Fox News Christmas tree at Fox Square hosted by The Five, Fox News contributor Rev. Jacob DeGraff held court as if he was the Pope during Sunday mass at the Vatican.

“I’m here because these colors don’t run,” DeGraff said pointing to the Christmas tree.

He continued, “80 years ago this week they tried to extinguish the darkness of a place called Pearl Harbor. We didn’t fall then and we won’t fall now because we’ve come this far by faith.”


I’m speechless. But I still can type.

Comparing the death of more than 2400 Americans, civilians, military, and Navy personnel during a sneak attack by the Japanese at Pearl Harbor which made FDR join WWII to this idiotic Christmas tree that was torched by a mentally challenged homeless person is beyond ridiculous.

Rot in hell.

We’ve entered Day 3 of Christmas Tree-gate, a nation held hostage, or something. This stupid Christmas Tree idiocy is all Fox has right now, because Trump is losing in court, he can’t seem to get “Truth Social” off the ground, and even the Fox News audience doesn’t want a government shutdown the way Lauren Boebert does.

So it’s “war on the Fox News Christmas tree” 24-7. As Susie pointed out earlier today, at least it’s fodder for the late-night talk show monologues.

Just saw The Daily Show refer to the burning of the Fox News Christmas tree as “Pine Eleven” and I may never stop laughing.

— Pam K Nail (@pknail) December 10, 2021

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