Debbie Dingell's Local Office Vandalized

Debbie Dingell's Local Office Vandalized

Congresswoman Debbie Dingell tweeted some terrifying news this morning:

I’m deeply concerned about the break-in & vandalization of my Dearborn office today. Our door & windows were smashed & memorabilia – especially John’s items – was broken.

Thankfully, my staff & I are safe & no one was hurt, but we must also recognize the impact attacks like this one & constant threats have had on my staff & all Congressional staff. This needs to stop now.

My office has been receiving threats for months & we take them very seriously. This vandalization really hits home. Regardless of if your views differ from mine or from your neighbor’s, we need to learn to hear each other out & work together to solve the issues facing our nation.

Violence & vandalism aren’t the answer. I’m grateful for the Dearborn Police & United States Capitol Police who keep us safe. We are working with them to identify who is responsible & hold them accountable. In the meantime, please be safe & please spread a little kindness.

Her kind and “when they go low we go high” words are appropriate for a Congresswoman.

A liberal blog like C&L is left to note that ONE party has decided threats and violence are the way to hang on to power. Because they are desperate to do so for WHITE fake-Christian nationalism.

Both sides don’t.

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