Defying January 6 Subpoenas?  Lock Them Up!

Defying January 6 Subpoenas? Lock Them Up!

The Trump administration made a mockery of law enforcement and congressional oversight when they refused to honor subpoenas during Donald Trump’s impeachments.

And he’s trying to do it again.

The January 6 commission sent out a slew of subpoenas for former Trump minions like Steve Bannon.

NY Times reports, “The House committee has ordered four former Trump administration officials — Mark Meadows, the White House chief of staff; Dan Scavino Jr., deputy chief of staff; Stephen K. Bannon, an adviser; and Kash Patel, a Pentagon chief of staff — to sit for depositions and furnish documents and other materials relevant to its investigation. They all faced a Thursday deadline to respond.”

Stop the Steal, and several of its members, including far-right activist Ali Alexander, have also been subpoenaed. Red Painter writes, “Ali Alexander cannot claim (non) Executive Privilege, so what will he do to avoid testifying?”

Like a good Mafia leader, Traitor Trump who helped incite the seditious act against the US Capitol is telling his former aides not to comply.

Politico reviewed the letter and a Trump lawyer tells them not to cooperate with the probe.

The letter stated the committee is seeking materials that are covered by executive privilege, as well as other privileges. “President Trump is prepared to defend these fundamental privileges in court,” the letter said.

It’s time to get rough, Merrick Garland. You have to play hard as Republicans have in the past.

Southpaw then tweeted out this:

They put McDougal in shackles, perp walked her, and jailed her for 18 months for not talking to the mfn whitewater investigation. That was about vacation properties near Flippin, Arkansas.

This is about an attempted coup in which the Capitol building was sacked.

— southpaw (@nycsouthpaw) October 7, 2021

Republicans always play for keeps and it’s high time Democrats do too.

Ken Starr, leaker extraordinaire, tore the cover off of any form of legitimacy Republicans had during investigations. Republicans held EIGHT separate hearings on Benghazi just to smear Hillary Clinton.

Unless the commission and the DOJ stamp out this traitorous corruption now, our democracy is doomed.

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