DEMS IN ARRAY: Walmart CEO Applauds Biden For Fixing Supply Chain

DEMS IN ARRAY: Walmart CEO Applauds Biden For Fixing Supply Chain

Bloomberg News and the Wall Street Journal are reporting that problems with the supply chain are easing up.

On MSNBC earlier, Walmart U.S. CEO Doug McMillon actually gave credit to the Biden administration for working in concert with private industry to help elevate the issues.

In response to Stephanie Ruhle’s question about supply chain issues, Furner said, “Well, the combination of private enterprise and government working together has been really successful.”

“We’ve had a lot of participation — been able to participate in solving some these congestion issues, so I would like to give the administration credit for helping do things like get the ports open 24 hours a day. To open up some of the trucking lines, when the container ships are put onto small trailers and moved off the port. And then all the way through the supply chain there’s been a lot of innovation.

That’s not the type of information you’re likely to hear on Fox News and most right-wing outlets who are using the pandemic and the problems associated with it to club the Biden administration over the head on every front imaginable.

It turns out Biden has been quite effective, even if the wingers won’t say so.

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