Deranged Man Gives Bizarro Liefest Interview

Deranged Man Gives Bizarro Liefest Interview

What’s easier than a softball interview?

That’s what the seditious ex-president got from Hannity Tuesday night.

This is basically an unsupervised and unhinged grievance rant that masqueraded as an interview.

Lying about gas prices and the Green New Deal, Trump claimed that “wind” is destroying the environment and killing all the birds in the country.

Same sh*t he said when he was in office.

Trying to brag about his energy policies Trump said, “Wind is ruining our country, our beautiful prairies, our beautiful fields, and lands and, everything else.

“It’s killing our birds…” Trump said.

(As an aside, America has roughly 7.2 billion birds and losses are attributed to climate change, not wind turbines.)

Trump continued lying and claimed it was wind turbines that caused the big freeze in Texas.

All of Texas and America knows it was the power grid that froze because it was never funded or upgraded by the Texas Republican legislatures.

Instead of Trump saying had he been reelected for a second term,

Trump spewed, “Had I been……’rightly elected.’

Whatever that f**king means.

He claimed he got ANWAR drilled that has more oil than Saudi Arabia, claimed he got it done when Reagan couldn’t, and then admits he didn’t get any drilling done.

Trump continued his LIE-filled interview by focusing on the cost of gas.

“Gasoline was a $1. 83 or a $1. 86 when I left office, a gallon,” Trump stated.

Yeah, nobody was driving because of COVID.

Trump continued the lies: “And now it’s at $7.70 in California. In different places and it’s heading that way everywhere and it’s going a lot higher than that.”

Just to do a quick fact check.

Gas prices were very low when Trump took office in January 2016. (Thank you, Obama? Presidents don’t control gas prices.)

Roughly just under two dollars a gallon across the country.

They rose up to about three dollars a gallon in 2018.

Then COVID hit. In December 2020, the average was $2.28 a gallon.

Because of the global pandemic gas prices have risen exponentially across the entire world.

In October of 2021 the average gas price across the country was $3.38.

Average gas prices in Los Angeles in January were $3.15 a gallon and now have risen to October as $4.28 a gallon.

Where Trump gets his almost 8 dollars a gallon pricing is a symptom of his Goebbels-like attempts to lie about every single issue he’s asked about on Fox News.

Lying is all he has to try and either get back into office or profit off of his fake campaign.

Thanks Biden, energy secretary.

“Sorry to burst your bubble snowflake but, Joe Biden is your President and Donald Trump President “

Plus he’s not responsible for gas prices, most gas companies are run by Republicans!

— Katiejohn (@45rapeKatiejohn) November 24, 2021

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