Don Jr Praises 'America First' With Picture Of Putin

Don Jr Praises 'America First' With Picture Of Putin

The imbecile son of the seditious narcissistic buffoon ex-president was on Fox News trying to peddle his coffee table book, when he unwittingly embarrassed the country and made it seem like it was Russia First, all the way.

Don Trump Jr was hawking his wares to Jeanine Pirro on maybe a caffeine high when he flashed back to the Trump Tower meeting with Russian operatives wherein he hoped to acquire dirt on Hillary Clinton, chucking his loyalty to the U.S. in the garbage.

“A picture says a thousand words, Jeanine,” Don Jr said.

“It’s the old saying. You can see the accomplishments, you can see America first…” Jr said as Fox News showed the picture of Trump shaking Vladimir Putin’s hand while seated.

“You can see American greatness in this book,” he said.

What we see is his father bending the knee in subservience to the murderous dictator from Russia.

What we saw during Trump’s entire presidency was Russia First.

Remember, Traitor Trump embarrassed this nation when he had that press conference during his Surrender Summit in Helsinki a few years ago.

Or as David Brody called it: ‘Helsinki Stinky’ For Trump

And now his idiot son is doing the same thing.

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