Donald Trump Jr. Tries To Convince America That Putin Feared Trump

Donald Trump Jr. Tries To Convince America That Putin Feared Trump

Donald Trump Jr. claimed that Putin didn’t invade Ukraine when his dad was president because he was afraid of him.

Video of Trump Jr.:

Junior says Putin was afraid of his dad because he understood that Trump had balls.

— Ron Filipkowski (@RonFilipkowski) February 27, 2022

Trump Jr. said at CPAC, “The reason it didn’t happen under Trump. People understand strength. They understand resolve. They understand balls.”

The only balls that Trump ever showed around Putin were the soccer ball that the Russian dictator gave him during their meeting.

Trump was an embarrassment to America. Donald Trump Jr. can try to rewrite history and erase the Helsinki disgrace, but America will never forget watching Donald Trump bow down to Putin.

The failed former one-term president allowed Putin to do whatever he wanted in the world. He refused to stand up to Putin. The Russian president reportedly put bounties on the heads of US troops in Afghanistan, and Donald Trump did nothing about it.

Russia was able to invade Ukraine today because Donald Trump enabled and strengthened Putin for the previous four years.

Not even Donald Trump Jr. can possibly believe that Putin feared his weak-kneed daddy.

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