Ed Henry Hired By Real America's Voice's Extremist Right-wing Network

Ed Henry Hired By Real America's Voice's Extremist Right-wing Network

Disgraced former Fox News host Ed Henry has just been hired by Real America’s Voice, joining the likes of pardoned Steve Bannon, David Brody, John Solomon, and other extremist, religious right-wing, and Trump-loving provocateurs.

Ed Henry was unceremoniously fired from Fox News after horrific allegations of sexual misconduct were reported against him while he was host of America’s Newsroom.

Henry was Fox’s White House correspondent in 2016, when he had to take a time-out because his affair with Las Vegas “hostess” Natalia Lima was revealed.

You see a pattern here?

Then in September of this year, Red Painter reported Ed Henry tried – unsuccessfully – to have a lawsuit filed by former Fox Business staffer Jennifer Eckhart against him for sex trafficking, retaliatory harassment, revenge porn and gender-motivated violence in the form of sexual assault and rape dismissed.

After just a few short months out of sight, Ed Henry is back! It’s almost like his alleged abusive sexual abuses never even happened!

The Daily Beast reports that Real America’s Voice, the fringe internet and satellite TV network gave him his new professional home.

“It is unfathomable that Real America’s Voice has decided to give Mr. Henry, an alleged sexual harasser and abuser, this new platform,” read a statement to The Daily Beast from Wigdor LLP, the high-powered law firm representing Jennifer Eckhart, the former Fox News producer whose allegations led to Henry’s firing last year. “This recent hiring decision is yet another example of why so many survivors of abuse are afraid to come forward while their perpetrators are often rewarded in the workplace.”

Scum like Henry always has a place in right-wing media, since they reward wingnuts for their truly awful behavior. There is no accountability from Republican voters, no matter how horrific the behavior of their politicians, activists, and media personalities.

They are diseased and it’s spreading.

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