Enjoy This Hannity And Pirro Screamfeast Over Geraldo Defending Biden

Enjoy This Hannity And Pirro Screamfeast Over Geraldo Defending Biden

Friday night, Geraldo Rivera became the target of a screaming match with Sean Hannity and Jeanine Pirro, who demand Kyle Rittenhouse sue President Biden for defamation.

Fox’s Hannity and Pirro besmirch the reputations of every person they disagree with, whether they’re a politician, an athlete, or work in Hollywood. If they that speak out against their form of right-wing extremism, no name is too vile for Fox to bestow.

But apparently poor Kyle Rittenhouse, who palled around with Proud Boys after he shot and killed two people with an AR-15, is immune from any criticism.

At the end of Hannity’s program on Fox, he launched into an absurd attack on President Biden (which is his shtick), claiming poor Kyle should sue.

Rivera sided with the defense team, calling the killings a case of self-defense, but then clapped back on Hannity, saying, “even mentioning the President of the United States, I think that that, Sean, with all due respect, is absurd.”

After Geraldo defended Biden, Hannity asked, “It’s okay to call somebody a white supremacist with no facts?”

Hannity calls anyone he disagrees with communists, communist pawns, anti-Americans, socialists, and every other unhinged smear he can think of, but the fact that Rittenhouse was palling around with Proud Boys is meaningless?

“Let me finish the sentence,” Geraldo said. “May I finish the sentence? The person that Rittenhouse should sue first is the guy who was his original attorney, who sought to make a political statement, who dragged this 17-year-old kid to the bar with the Proud Boys and allowed this narrative of white supremacy.”

Pirro immediately interrupted, croak-screaming like a banshee.

“Oh, cut it out, Geraldo! That’s got nothing to do with it!”

“It has nothing to do with what?” Rivera asked.

“This is about defamation,” Pirro screamed.

If defamation was at issue for Pirro, then maybe she’s the one who should be worried. Both she AND Hannity (not to mention Tuckems) could be sued every day after their shows aired for defamation.

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