Eric 'Overshare' Bolling Demands Debate From Muppets

Eric 'Overshare' Bolling Demands Debate From Muppets

Eric Bolling is a weirdo.

Eric was fired from Fox News in 2017 for sexting (to put it mildly) during work hours and with work colleagues. But hey, the Right-Wing Media full employment project nevertheless found a job for Eric at Newsmax and gave him his own show, called “The Balance.” Ironic, it’s not.

And this is day four or five of right-wing media going after the Muppets for doing what they have ALWAYS done, promoting good health practices to the pre-school set. It’s so intoxicating for them to be reporting on something that actually happened!

Eric Bolling can’t help it, see?

On Tuesday’s show Bolling suggested a “debate” with the Muppets. AGAIN. He’s done this before. To pretend he’s relevant.

After BRAGGING about all the other times he’s called out the Muppets (run the clip!) Bolling put on his rage cap and went after the children’s icons once again.

This isn’t “the first time these little felt communists have tried to infect the minds of our youngest and most vulnerable children.”

“Guess what? The invite is still open Miss Piggy, if you or your emasculated frog boyfriend Kermit ever want to join this desk, it’s free,” Bolling said.

Guess it makes Eric feel like a real man to call out puppets just so he can keep his job in television.

Hey Miss Piggy, if you get a text from Eric Bolling, don’t open that attachment!

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