Extremists Dox Rittenhouse Prosecutor On Right Wing Site

Extremists Dox Rittenhouse Prosecutor On Right Wing Site

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is reporting that Thomas Binger, the lead prosecutor in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial has been doxxed on the right wing website Telegram:

The group, Kenosha Strong Patriots, shows 159 members and shared a post from a user that features a photo of Assistant District Attorney Thomas Binger, and lists his home address.

Another person on the service comments, “This is absolutely not an encouragement to violence. Just would be nice to see a peaceful protest outside his home like the left does every time they don’t like something.”

Binger said Friday he is aware of the Telegram posts and has taken steps to protect himself and his family. He did not elaborate.

Less reassuring is the fact that the Kenosha County Sheriff’s Department has been monitoring social media. Despite Binger being doxxed, no changes in security have been made, but they claim they’re ready to “act accordingly” if what they consider a credible threat is made.

This could explain why Governor Tony Evers has activated 500 Wisconsin National Guard troops to be ready for the verdict. Ironically, the right wing is celebrating the news, assuming that this move was done in case of riots by BLM and/or antifa. It still hasn’t occurred to these knuckle-dragging Neanderthals that they’re the threat, and that the Governor has no faith in the willingness or ability of the Kenosha sheriff to carry out his duties.

Nor had it occurred to these dunderheads that if they have to resort to threats, they are probably in the wrong.

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