Fired Ferguson Police Officer 'Maserati Mike' Comes To Kenosha Armed

Fired Ferguson Police Officer 'Maserati Mike' Comes To Kenosha Armed

The fate of Kyle Rittenhouse, the 18-year old who crossed state lines to kill two people and seriously maim a third, has been in the hands of the jury for 3 days (so far). While the jury deliberates inside the Kenosha courthouse, protests have picked up outside, with pro-gun/MAGA/Trump loving “patriots” trying to intimidate protestors hoping for justice for the three victims of Rittenhouse. One “protestor” came to the courthouse armed with a long rifle and a megaphone.

Outside the #Kenosha Co. Courthouse this morning, this person, who identified himself as Maserati Mike, was carrying a gun, and a megaphone. Officers spoke w/him briefly. He didn’t say much. When asked if he was leaving he said he would be coming back. #RittenhouseTrial

— Christine Flores (@CFlores_tv) November 17, 2021

The man called himself “Maserati Mike”. JS Online reports that the man, Jesse T. Kline, confirmed his identity to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel on Thursday.

Kline is a fired Ferguson police officer. When contact by the Journal Sentinel, Police Chief Frank McCall Jr. responded: “I can confirm that this is former Officer Jesse Kline who was terminated by the Ferguson Police Department several years ago.”

TERMINATED. You know how hard that is? What exactly did “Maserati Mike” with the MAJOR TPE (Tiny Penis Energy) do, you ask?

The Journal Sentinel reports that “Kline was arrested in August 2018 in the St. Louis suburb of Maplewood. He allegedly followed a woman he had been in a romantic relationship with to another man’s home.”

Oh. So a stalker. BUT THERE’S MORE! reports that the charging documents say that not only did he FOLLOW the woman to another man’s home, but he also there was this: “Kline jumped out of the man’s backyard and pointed a gun at him. When the man refused to listen to Kline, Kline poked the man in the chest with the barrel of the gun. Kline then called the woman ‘vulgar names’ and drove away from the home.”

Stalker. Check. Incel. Check. Dangerous usage of a weapon. Check. Violent threats. Check. WHILE EMPLOYED AS A POLICE OFFICER.

Kline was charged with stalking, unlawful use of a weapon and assault. Shockingly, the charges were dropped in January 2020. Apparently the ex-girlfriend and witness did not want to pursue the case and did not appear in court for hearings.

Kline has now decided to bring his TPE to Kenosha to walk around and try to scare folks with his gun, megaphone and ungroomed incel beard.

Police decided to have a little chat with him:

Of course, they let him go. He isn’t an unarmed black kid with a toy gun. Then police would have a problem.

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