Florida Proud Boy MAGA Rioter Crashes Boat While Drunk

Florida Proud Boy MAGA Rioter Crashes Boat While Drunk

In the “F*ck Around And Find Out” category, we have a neo-nazi who, in his infinite wisdom, decided to get drunk while driving a boat. Who’d have predicted there would be a crash?

Even better, our man is already under — shall we say — state supervision? He’s been indicted for taking part in the MAGA Sedition Riot on January 6, 2021.

Well done, my Proud Boy. Well DONE.

From Raw Story:

An arrest report from the sheriff’s office states that Paul Rae, 38 , was taken into custody late Saturday after law enforcement et officials were alerted to the crash.

The report states, “On October 2, 2021 at approximately 10:00 p.m., deputies assigned to the Marine Unit responded to a small island in the intercostal waterway near 794 182nd Avenue East. Multiple witnesses reported the crash after the vessel was traveling northbound at high speed. The vessel ran aground on the small island and deputies located it approximately 75 feet from the water line. Also located on the island were Rae and his passenger, both uninjured and showing signs of impairment.”

This won’t look good to the judge who decided he could be released into the wild after being indicted for trying to overthrow the government. But hey, maybe I’m just a little impaired.

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