Former Danish Immigration Minister Sentenced To 60 Days In Prison For Separation Of Couples

Former Danish Immigration Minister Sentenced To 60 Days In Prison For Separation Of Couples

Apparently Denmark still believes in the rule of law.

Inger Støjberg intentionally separated migrant couples upon arrival in Denmark.

As this is contrary to Danish law, the former immigration minister is headed to jail.

This news report is in French, from TV5Monde. Basically, Inger Støjberg said she was proud of her record as immigration minister and that she was in shock over the verdict.

Støjberg reacted to the verdict saying: “I am very, very surprised, I have to say.”

“It is Danish values that have lost today,” she said.

“There is something very wrong when you cannot protect girls from the disgusting phenomenon of child brides,” she continued, adding: “I will take my punishment, and I do so without shame.”

Uh huh…. Hopefully, this two-bit fascist will actually spend some time behind bars and any appeals will fail.

Source: New York Times

A Danish court of impeachment sentenced a former immigration minister known for her hard line stance against migrants to 60 days in prison, after she was found guilty of illegally ordering the separation of underage couples seeking asylum.

Judges presiding over the rare impeachment trial — the first in Denmark in 26 years — found that the former minister, Inger Stojberg, had intentionally neglected her ministerial duties by ordering the separation of the couples in 2016, the verdict said.

Ms. Stojberg, 48, promoted harsh migration policies for Denmark that were held up as examples by populist leaders and right-wing parties advocating tougher measures in many European countries.

Her contentious tenure as Denmark’s immigration minister included taking out advertisements in Lebanese media warning potential migrants to stay away; planning to house unwanted foreigners on a hard-to-reach Danish island; and celebrating the passage of anti-immigration policies with a cake.

Denmark’s former immigration minister, Inger Stojberg, was sentenced to prison for ordering to separate underage married asylum-seekers, even if they had children. Her harsh migration policies were hailed by populist right-wing European parties

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