Former Homeland Security Official Calls Trump Mind Numbingly Incompetent With Classified Info

Former Homeland Security Official Calls Trump Mind Numbingly Incompetent With Classified Info

Former Department of Homeland Security Chief of Staff Miles Taylor described Trump as mind-numbingly incompetent with classified info.


Taylor said on MSNBC:

So I have to start with the hypocrisy though because it is not just hypocrisy. It is that Donald Trump himself was mind-numbingly incompetent when it came to the protection of classified intelligence. So it is not just that he criticized Clinton and then did something similar.

He did something vastly worse on multiple occasions, so much so that we were scared, legitimately scared to take classified sensitive information into the Oval Office and tell to tell the President Of The United States about it. We would talk about it before we would go in and when we got certain briefs can we talk to the President Of The United States about this, because there was a worry that he would leak information to the public to foreign adversaries.

Taylor later gave an example of Trump keeping classified information on his desk and picking it up to wave it around and brag about the kind of information that he gets in front of cameras and reporters.

The worry that Trump would leak classified information was well-founded. He tweeted out classified pictures. He leaked classified Israeli intelligence. Trump even leaked classified information to ISIS.

Taylor isn’t a reporter or someone who is getting second or third-hand information and passing it along.

He was in the administration. Miles Taylor is offering a first-hand eye witness perspective on the dangers of Trump.  It is easy and obvious to discuss hypocrisy (but Hillary’s emails), but there is something more important here.

The reality is that as long as Donald Trump continues to live and breathe on this planet, he will be a national security threat to the United States.


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