Fox Accuses Biden Of 'Releasing' Variants To Avoid Supply Chain Fix

Fox Accuses Biden Of 'Releasing' Variants To Avoid Supply Chain Fix

The sociopaths at Fox are embracing and elevating none other than Michael Flynn’s batsh*t conspiracy theory about COVID variants. On Saturday morning, they outright claimed Joe Biden is “releasing” new variants because he doesn’t want to have to “do his job” of fixing supply chain issues.

Forget that pandemic woes contributed badly to those supply chain issues, and that it was the Trump administration who created the vast majority of our pandemic woes to begin with. Also forget the fact that current supply chain issues are partly indications the economy is picking up, and people are spending their money. Not to mention that the Biden administration HAS, INDEED, made progress in alleviating supply chain problems. The entire Fox staff is allergic to anything resembling truth and accountability.

The trash TV personalities at Fox think Biden and Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg are avoiding the problem, though, and that COVID is the not just answer to their prayers, but something they’re intentionally inflicting on the population.

“The answer is more lockdowns, more lockdowns, more fear, and therefore, he doesn’t have to do his job of fixing the supply chain, because we’ll just keep this whole thing going,” Rachel Campos-Duffy said.

Pete Hegseth piped in, “Count on a variant about every October.” As if Republicans aren’t the party whose leaders are trying to kill people. As if Democrats are creating deadly viruses with which to kill people when the economy isn’t going as they want. As if Biden hasn’t been the one working his hardest to get everyone vaccinated.

Will Cain was in full agreement. “You know, you’re probably right. They could speed up. The variants could come more quickly.”

Hegseth got cute, pretending to be on the phone, “We’re gonna need a new variant, here…”

Should we at least be grateful they didn’t mention the “global elites,” like Flynn did? We all know to whom he’s referring, right? (*whisper voice* the jooooooz) No. I’m not grateful. I’m outraged they’d prop up these dangerous lies, as they sit vaccinated on that sanitized couch, cashing their hefty paychecks. I suppose I can be grateful that I’m still capable of registering the slightest bit of outrage.

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