Fox Blames CRT For Parents Not Returning To Labor Force

Fox Blames CRT For Parents Not Returning To Labor Force

As predicted, Fox is now blaming the nonexistent teaching of critical race theory in schools as another B.S. reason that parents aren’t returning to the labor force now that their talking point about extended unemployment benefits is blowing up in their faces.

I was only halfway joking when I said Fox would be blaming CRT for the jobs numbers next in a post I wrote yesterday about Fox blaming women not returning to work on their faux “scandal” over the DOJ being asked by the NSBA for assistance with acts of violence at school board meetings.

Little did I know Fox would make sarcasm impossible almost immediately with this idiocy from anti-tax zealot Grover Norquist on Friday’s America Reports.

Here’s transcript of the exchange via Media Matters:

SANDRA SMITH (ANCHOR): Very interesting analysis. Now, to the way women have been affected by this pandemic. We know many women had to drop out of the workforce during the pandemic to care for children at home, especially considering there were so many school closures. This is The Washington Post reporting on those mothers not getting back into the workforce. I’ll ask you what’s going on here and why not, after reading you this. “Nearly 1.6 million moms of children under 17 are missing from the labor force. They dropped out during the pandemic to care for children and have not been able to return to work as the school and day care situation remains chaotic, especially for unvaccinated children under the age of 12.” Grover, why is it difficult for women to get back into this workforce?

GROVER NORQUIST (AMERICANS FOR TAX REFORM FOUNDER): Well, there are several things doing that. One, if there was a job they wanted to go to and they wanted to hire somebody for day care, the fact that the administration is handing out money and increasing all sorts of welfare benefits so that the sort of younger person who might want to have a starter job doing some day care, they’re not able to do that. Their babysitters are tough to find, so mom has to stay home or somebody has to stay home. Two, the schools in and out. If you are going to have your children with you most of the time, you can’t hold on to many sorts of jobs if you can’t count on when your child will be at school and some people are still doing it virtually.

The other one is, with all the craziness, the CRT and so on that schools are throwing around, we’ve seen a significant jump in the number of people who’ve decided to home-school. And some of those numbers are moms or dads deciding you know what, they are going so crazy in some of these schools and what they are teaching, and they won’t even let us look at what they’re teaching which means they must be really crazy. I learned a little bit last year going to my child’s school with him or her by Zoom, I could do this, I saw what the teachers do, I see the books they read. And I could do this myself.

SMITH: So many parents would disagree with you on that one. It’s tough, it’s a tough job. And we love our teachers.

NORQUIST: Not everybody. Not everybody, but enough to cause a difference.

SMITH: I hear you. There are so many different reasons behind this.

Biden’s Build Back Better Act would greatly lower families’ child care costs, but Fox has already been attacking the bill as pushing for the “welfare state,” and will never admit that anything Biden is trying to do might help with this issue. If Democrats manage to get his plan passed, I’m wondering what their next line of attack will be once this lie blows up in their face as well.

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