Fox Creates Faux Sinema 'Scandal' To Defend Violent Parents

Fox Creates Faux Sinema 'Scandal' To Defend Violent Parents

Fox News’s dangerous agenda of fear mongering parents about what’s being taught at schools is taking a hit after the DOJ announced they are looking into the many violent threats leveled at teachers by radicalized Republicans.

Martha McCallum hosted extremist Victor Davis Hanson (who attacked AOC over wanting children or defending Trump as being persecuted for thought crimes) to rehabilitate the Tea Party 2.0 aggression at school board meetings.

Fox News has been hyperventilating because some people who are upset with Senator Kyrsten Sinema for blocking the entire Biden agenda filmed her without permission. That’s tantamount to beating up a teacher, rioting at the US Capitol, or attacking first responders for wearing a mask.

Victor Hanson still wanted those people arrested over it.

Hanson also complained that the FBI and Pentagon and CIA are being weaponized against Republicans.

Here’s a solution: Stop committing crimes and you won’t be in trouble with law enforcement.

Fox News host Martha McCallum (doing her wingnut duty) immediately brought up QAnon’s favorite villain, Antifa as her foil.

MacCallum said, ” I also think of ANTIFA”

Of course she does. She wondered if they were being investigated.

“Everyone can protest in this country. Antifa has a right to protest,” she said. “These parents have a right to protest. You don’t have a right to burned down buildings. You don’t have a right to endanger people’s lives.”

Sure, Martha. Tell that to the Capitol Police still recovering from the January 6th insurrection.

MacCallum whined that the DOJ wasn’t being consistent.

She then brought up Merrick Garland, shrugging off McConnell’s horrific treatment, giving him no Supreme Court hearing before trying to paint him as a left-wing extremist.

“Where are the other commensurate investigations that would also fall under this same category,” she wondered.

Trump’s DOJ did go after Antifa after protests erupted over the George Floyd murder.

Crazed parents threatening educators is happening now by Republicans looking to keep their base engaged.

There is no quid pro quo, no equivalence, and no “bothsides.”

Fox News should stop agitating parents with nonsensical faux scandals like critical race theory, and maybe the DOJ wouldn’t have to step in.

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