Fox Host Flips Out Over Big Bird

Fox Host Flips Out Over Big Bird

Republicans chose to make their ridiculous and violent culture wars the main focus in 2021 instead of helping Americans climb out of the worldwide pandemic that Trump blew off, causing nearly a million U.S. citizens to die.

We had Mr. Potato Head, Pepe Le Pew and now Big Bird!

Fox News host Harris Faulkner was the latest Republican to have a conniption fit over Big Bird promoting vaccines. Life-saving vaccines that the US has mandated for generations.

Republican idiot Chip ‘ahoy’ Roy joined Fox News and said the government is doing propaganda on our kids while putting these “unconstitutional mandates in place.”

At the end of the segment Faulkner seriously asks, “What part of the government actually got involved with the 6′ 7′ fake yellow bird telling children not to go to the pediatricians, their doctors with their parents and work this out.”

She continued, “But do exactly what the fake bird did. I think that’s a fair question.”

Please, stop it Harris. You’re killing people. Even kids.

I doubt Big Bird has ever had a PR campaign this successful before in the history of NPR.

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