Fox News Cuts Away From Kyle Rittenhouse's Damning TikTok Page

Fox News Cuts Away From Kyle Rittenhouse's Damning TikTok Page

During today’s Rittenhouse trial, Kyle finally took the stand and Fox News clearly had an pro-Kyle agenda as their graphics department went into overdrive playing video from the protests where he killed two people.

When the prosecution finally began to ask questions, they put up picture of Rittenhouse’s TikTok page that all by itself is damning as hell.

His handle is: 4doorsmorewhores

That is misogynistic to its core.

But what also stood out was the graphic of him holding his AR with the caption “Bruh I’m just tryna be famous”

The TikTok page flashed briefly on Fox News, but then was immediately replaced by old video of the protests in Kenosha that turned violent so Fox News viewers didn’t get the full effect of his awful and damning TikTok page.

It was left to the prosecutor to draw what his page said by asking questions to their audience.

Well we now know that Kyle “tryna be famous” has become just that. Famous and supported by right-wing media.

Throughout Kyle’s testimony Fox New purposely kept playing the protests in Kenosha in a split screen which appears to be in an effort to try and help support his innocence.

On CNN they used a split screen to keep it honest.

On MSNBC they also used a split screen to show the court proceedings and not add commentary in their visuals


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